Saturday, March 10, 2007

Treasures from my first Vintage Paper Show

Last Sunday, I went to my first Vintage Paper Show. I wanted to look for old French papers, Eiffel Tower postcards, old music scores and vintage wallpaper rolls or pieces. I found everything I wanted but the wallpaper pieces! I met a couple of other friends who were regular attendees of the show and they weren't thrilled with the selection being offered but I was in heaven. Here are some pictures of my new treasures.
This little photo packet with "PARIS" on the cover contains 20 small vintage photos of the city - I was absolutely thrilled to find this. It's exactly what I was hoping to find.Another amazing find! Great condition and beautiful colours. I just love looking at these and marveling at their beauty and I'm so thankful to have them to have. The cover on this booklet of cards is the burgundy one in the first picture with the wonderful gold lettering.These cards are some loose ones I found with French notes on the back. Some even have the original French stamps. My collection of French Ephemera is growing nicely and much more economically too; and that is happy news!
And finally, here are some of the music sheets I got - love the graphics!

I'm planning to start playing around with my vintage buttons next. Stay tuned for that in a couple of days!

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