Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ahhh, that feels better.

Bruce and I took a van load of stuff from the garage off to our closest auctioneer yesterday.
It had taken me about 5 days to sort through everything in the garage - oops, I mean my third of the garage where I store stock that I buy and sell at Flea Markets. The other areas of the garage are filled with bicycles and mopeds and garden stuff. No, I didn't take these suitcases to the auction; I have a hard time parting with suitcases. (I can copy and paste this phrase into just about every post "I have a hard time parting with ...")
But it feels good to get at least one area of the garage under control. Next on my list is pricing up some recent finds for the Sunday Market at St Lawrence this weekend.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Buttons from Estate Sale

I bought a small glass jar of buttons from an Estate Sale on Friday. I debated on buying the jar but these buttons with big eyes were staring out at me and I was afraid no one would buy them and they would be sent to button heaven or something. I think people sometimes paint hair and mouths on these and they look like little dolls. I have a couple of painted ones somewhere, I will have to sift through my stash and see if I can find them. I think these are used when sewing on coat buttons to give stability to the button. They go on on the wrong side of the fabric with the 'real' button on the right side. Does anyone know if this is their correct use? It's in my button books somewhere. And do they have a proper name? I'm calling them Ghosties because they look haunting.

I was glad I bought the jar because when I dumped them out at home I found there were a lot of pearlies mixed in. For some reason, I love mother-of -pearl buttons. I have a very hard time parting with small ones and some of the larger ones too.
And look at these cute ones with the holes that are very close together. I have a soft spot for these ones. There's something so cute about them. Does anyone out there feel this way about buttons or is it just me?

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Fun with Finn and

Thanks to Lisa's recent blog post, I found Picnik and I had fun playing with this picture of Finn which was taken by our daughter, Jacqui.

By the way, Finn has three different names, one favoured by each member of our household. I call him Finn, Bruce calls him Babboo and Jacqui calls him Baby. Actually, come to think of it, our black cat probably has a fourth name for him but I don't think it would be publishable!

Let me know how you like Picnik, I would love to see any picture you create.

Around the House

Here are a couple more scrabook pages that I made at Pages are very easy to make and more photo editing features and layouts are often being added. Check it out if you haven't already tried it.

Here's another page - very cheery!
I found another free online photo editing site, and I'm off to try it out now - will let you know how I like it.


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