Saturday, April 12, 2008

Fun with Finn and

Thanks to Lisa's recent blog post, I found Picnik and I had fun playing with this picture of Finn which was taken by our daughter, Jacqui.

By the way, Finn has three different names, one favoured by each member of our household. I call him Finn, Bruce calls him Babboo and Jacqui calls him Baby. Actually, come to think of it, our black cat probably has a fourth name for him but I don't think it would be publishable!

Let me know how you like Picnik, I would love to see any picture you create.



I do believe these are "undergarment" buttons...hence the big holes. - I have collected quite a few and they make the neatest necklace when strung together. I enjoyed reading and sightseeing your blog...

LP Vintage said...

Ohhh, now that you say that, it rings a bell! Thank you, I'm going to see if I can find more information in one of my button books. I like the necklace idea!


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