Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Voila! Our new floor!

The photos of our new floor are just a little blurry. I was trying not to use the flash on the camera and it wasn't quite bright enough. We are enjoying the new floor, it feels good and we're happy with the way it looks. The staircase originally had carpet down the centre which we stripped off. My husband gave it a fresh coat of white paint and for the final touch, we decided to add a gold-toned paint on the steps. The whole project took over two weeks with all the finishing work and jobs that evolved as things unfolded like repainting the walls. "Since the big cupboards are moved out from the walls, I may as well paint behind them", said my husband. This meant another trip to our local paint store for paint and rollers. And of course, the other walls got painted too. Glad it's all done and we can just sit and enjoy it all.


FrenchGardenHouse said...

Your floor looks wonderful! I love your whole "look" charming, warm and just so very cozy. I would love to come over and visit.:)

LP Vintage said...

Lidy, thank you so much for the sweet compliments! I'm off to visit your blog - love the name!

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

Better late than never? I am adding you to the party link, I'm sure not everyone got all the way throuh it in one day.

You are welcome to still link back to us for belated partygoers to blog hop.

corina said...

It looks perfect!

Arlene said...

Oh, it is just beautiful! Your entire home is beautiful from what I can see!

LP Vintage said...

Thank you, Corina and Arlene, for the compliments!


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