Monday, December 10, 2007

... Merry Christmas - sort of ...

After taking at least 20 pictures of our cat near or under the tree, it turns out that this is the one I like the best - not sure if it's funny or pathetic ... for now, it's all I've got. Will try again tomorrow.


The Feathered Nest said...

I LOVE IT! It says it all! It says, "I'm not interested, I'm busy and forget it!" xxoo, Dawn

Heatherly said...

Seems like everytime I walk into my family room, my cats have managed to knock another decoration off the tree!!! LOL Great picture

LP Vintage said...

Hehehe ... or should I be saying ho ho ho ... glad you both enjoyed the picture. It's amazing that one second, kitty is sitting or lying so prettily by the tree, then in the time it takes to turn on the camera and wait for the flash, he has moved on ... and the photo opp is history. Heather, I hope none of your ornaments get broken.

Steel said...

Great picture!

I've lost count of the number of ornaments lost in action thanks to my three furbabies scaling the tree.

One of them is almost a decoration in her own right.

Miss Maddie's said...

All I see is a beautiful tail!
I came by way of your blog through a Google of The St. Lawrence Market that you posted way back in March.


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