Saturday, February 16, 2008

Organizing Recipes into Binders

I was inspired by a recent post by Manuela at The Feathered Nest about making up recipe binders. And since I couldn't go out because I had a very bad head cold, I decided to drag out the recipes that I had copied and torn out of magazines over the past few years. I didn't have any pretty wallpaper like Manuela's so I decided to scan in some of the old handwritten recipes I had collected to insert into the binder covers. Here is an example of one of them. I even found a recipe that my mother had written out before she had her stroke and loss the use of her right arm. That one is a keeper for sure.

For the inside of the binder, I pretty much organized the recipes in the same way as Manuela. I found some sites that cater to files and organization in case some of you want to order pretty organizers. See Jane Work has many types of files and folders in lots of pretty patterns and styles. At Personal Recipe Cards you can order index cards for recipes and other types of cards for keeping track of all kinds of information. I would love to see pictures of your recipe binders and hear how you file your recipes!


ChiliLady said...

your blog is awesomeness!

Antique Paperie said...

Oh I cannot tell you how I love this post! Very neat - and do you know it looks great! Just seeing the Old handwritten recipes brings lots of memories for me. I have several - actually a box full of copied, or handwritten from my grandmother. Oh I treasure that box, just as you do the recipe from your mom before she had the stroke. I know what that can do as my Great grandmother had one and she was just never the same. These little treasures we have will always bring a little happiness to us. I need to organize mine - but where is the time!! If we were neighbors we could compare recipes over coffee!!
Hope you are doing well my dear - Hugs and have a great week!
xoxo Sherri

LP Vintage said...

Chililady - you sure live far away - thank you for dropping by!

Sherri - I wish we could have coffee and a chat! So glad to hear you like my recipe binders - thanks for visiting and commenting. I hope you find the time to organize your recipe collection, sounds like you have some treasures there.

Holly (Nickname) said...

I had no idea that you or Manuela have done this too! It must be the hunkering down at winter that makes us do these things! In the summer, all my energy will be directed in my garden. Thanks for your sweet comments!

LP Vintage said...

Ruth, yes in the summer you can find me on my porch or on my back deck! I can hardly wait. Sorting out recipes and making binders is a winter pastime for sure. Next, I need to do my decorating binders.


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