Thursday, July 2, 2009

Vintage Button Bouquets

I was so inspired by Susan of T-Cozy's recent blog post with her wonderful button bouquets that I just had to get out my stash of buttons and make some bouquets for myself!
It was so much fun to dump out all my little button jars, boxes and suitcases and pick through them all, sorting and trying different combinations.
DH wasn't that impressed by the mess on the dining room table and on the coffee table and sofa so I tidied everything back up as quickly as I could and I'm happy with the results.
I still love the pearlies the best, I think.
And I have to say a few words about photography; I have the greatest respect for Susan's photographs. I totally lost patience with photographing these images. They wouldn't behave and all stay in focus or the image came out way too dark and the button composition was unruly etc. Pretty please, Susan, do a posting re 'Photo Tips'.
Check out Susan's photographs here and enjoy her lovely bouquets and studio.


Anonymous said...

I love your button flowers. I followed the link from your other blog to this one.

May I ask where you got the code for the Paris web cam? I'd love to add that to my own blog.

LP Vintage said...

Hi Cindi - so glad you like my buttons flowers! I got the code for the Paris web cam from - follow the link on the upper left that says: "All Utility Gadgets" and search for "Eiffel Tower Mini Cam". Good luck!


I love your button bouquets,I've made some before too...want a fun way to display them? I used vintage salt and pepper shakers with each stem in a hole in the top of shaker!
I'll be back to check out you beautiful bloggie home again! Happy Holiday!

LP Vintage said...

Hi Lady Jane - love that name!

Thank you for the compliments on my button bouquets, glad you liked them. And I love the idea of using the vintage salt and pepper shakers. I don't have any on hand right now but going to look for some this weekend at the antique market!

all the best! and Happy 4th to you! (I'm Canadian so we had our birthday celebration on July 1st :-) Lorraine

Junkin' Yaya said...

Hey sweetie!

LOVE those bouquets!!! Now those are ones I could have in my home, since they need to TLC and won't die! :)

Thank you so much for your sweet comment and love! xo...deb

avalonrosedesign said...

Love these! I have a gigantic button collection too....I'll have to dig them out one of these days and try something like that. Thanks for sharing!


Victorian Cottage North said...

hi lorraine: love your blog. i came home last night and checked it out. the button bouquets are cute. i didn't know there was such a thing. you could do a post showing the bracelet you made. (or did you and i missed it?) it was fun reading all the posts and seeing barb and kelly's store. love your cats too :). i have 2 but they are in a different colour palette, black and black and white. i hope you come back to aberfoyle again soon and good luck selling next week at st. lawrence. and enjoy your new bracelet. love, dianne

LP Vintage said...

Love your comments everybody!

Dianne, I'm going to the Bruce peninsula for a few days; when I get back I'll post about my button bracelets. I LOVE the one I got from you yesterday! And I had so much fun at Aberfoyle, I want to go every week! bye for now - Lorraine.

Anonymous said...

I'm experiencing button envy! Love your stash and you put them together in really great ways to produce the bouquets.

I wish I could do button bouquets, but a button stash is one thing my craft room lacks. Unless you count the single replacement buttons in little plastic bags that come off new clothing!

Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

I love the button flowers you made. Thanks for reminding me about T-cozy. I think she lives in Ct like me!

Shirley Isaacs said...

what a super idea - making button bouquets. I inherited tons of buttons and do use some of them, but will be trying this idea too.


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