Thursday, October 15, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook for October 15th, 2009

FOR TODAY October 15, 2009

Outside my attic window... the trees swaying in the wind on this chilly Autumn day.

I am thinking ... how lucky I am to have this room to myself!

I am thankful for ... my cozy, warm house.

From the kitchen ... looking forward to homemade squash soup for lunch.

I am wearing... jeans, turtleneck sweater and vest - my cold weather 'uniform'.

I am creating ... a tidy room so I can take some pictures to show you.

I am going ... to my knitting group tonight. We will chat, munch on yummy snacks, have a glass of wine and maybe even do some knitting!

I am reading ... a good book, with romance and intrigue. Sorry,I can't remember the name or author right now.

I am hoping... I can take some photos of my crafting space once it's all tidied up.

I am hearing... my clock ticking which means it's quiet in the house which I love.

Around the house... my daughter is working on her computer and dh is making a cup of tea.

One of my favorite things... is being able to putter with no errands to take me away from home.

A few plans for the rest of the week: I'll go to the Farmer's Market tomorrow to buy some fresh vegetable, fall apples and cut flowers. On the weekend, I want to go to the Antique Market.

The dog photo is the picture I am sharing...
it was taken on our summer vacation. This 'blues dog' belonged to a street musician who was performing in a town we visited.

Thank you to The Simple Woman's Daybook.


Jodie LeJeune said...

Oh I love this! Life is so fast sometimes that we never get the chance to sit back and ask ourself these questions...much less answer them! This was so interesting as I'll be waiting patiently to see photos of your craft room!!!!
I've enjoyed my visit here and I love all of your buttons!
Your blog is lovely and I'll be back soon as I am a new follower~
everything vintage

LP Vintage said...

Thanks for visiting and for your kind comments, Jodie! I seem to get one section of my craft space organized then get distracted and can't seem to get the whole room tidied. Mostly because I bring things in faster than I can find a place to store them! But I'll try to post a couple of photos of the section that I did get done.


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