Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Altered Camera Case

I didn’t like the look or  feel
of my camera case,
so I took some

leftover fabric from a recent
project and glued it
plus some grosgrain
ribbon onto the sides
and front of the case. To cover up the 
lime-green lining that
showed out around the
zipper at the top, I glued some brown seam binding and … 


Now I’m happy with how
it feels and
it’s so much prettier!


Tammy said...

Looks great! Your collage in the previous post is lovely. So glad that you could gift it to someone special. Have a great day! :) Tammy

laura V dellaporta said...

Oh so glad I stopped by love this will you make more & sell them I think it is a great idea..How about making them for my store? How dare us Bohemian girls use a black tacky black nylon case!!!! xo Laura

LP Vintage said...

Tammy - thank you for visiting and for your lovely comments!

Laura - Glad you stopped by! I can only work on projects that are very forgiving - no exact measurements and no fussing - so I couldn't make these for your store, but I'm flattered that you asked!

Feel free to use the idea and make your own altered cases :-)


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