Sunday, October 3, 2010

Annual Visit to The Primitive Heart

On Friday, after leaving Greensville, we made our way to St George to visit The Primitive Heart store for a fix of prim decorating. Here are some shots from our visit.primhearthome_edited-1



We had a nice chat with Christine, the shop owner, and, of course, we enjoyed seeing all the Fall goodies on display. 


Jennifer said...

Thank you for the beautiful pictures ! I live in Oakville and would like to visit this shop. I will have to find out their hours. I bet they have beautiful Christmas things when that time comes around.

Lynn Sinclair said...

Looks like you had a beautiful day for the drive. I've a friend in St. Catharines -- next time I visit her, I think we'll drop by this wonderful store.

Anonymous said...

I googled their web site and it says the store is closed. Do you have a phone no. for them?

LP Vintage said...

Thank you for visiting me everyone! Here is the shop info:

The Primitive Heart
23 Beverly St E
St George Brant, ON N0E 1N0, Canada
Phone:(519) 448-3465

The Christmas goodies weren't out yet when we visited but Christine was working on a Christmas banner.


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