Monday, January 24, 2011

Travel Journal

It took a couple of weeks but I am happy to say that I finished the travel journal of my trip to the German Christmas Markets (not to mention my visits to Paris, Bruges, Maastricht and Utrecht). Here are some of my pages.

scrapLP IMG_0005








Balinda {RebelChick} said...

that's a fabulous looking travel journal!

WyldCat said...

You actually visited my home town in Germany, Nuernberg. I miss Nuernberg the most around Christmas time but unfortunately I have not made it back there in December since I left in 1985 to live in the States :)

T's Daily Treasures said...

Great journal! I need to make some for all our recent trips and summer vacations for the past many years, plus all the ones I want to make for friends. Yikes! I keep putting everything off. I think I gotta stop taking pictures. :) Best wishes to you, Tammy

LP Vintage said...

Thank you for your comments, ladies! So glad you visited me here!
Wyldcat, I loved Nuremburg! I would love to go back- I hope you get to return for a visit too!

Tammy, I have more journals to do too! I can't stop taking pictures!

Cynthia of Cynful Creations said...

Your journal pages are fabulous! I have many "how did you do that?" questions, can't wait to see the book in person (please)!!

LP Vintage said...

I would love to show you my journal and answer any questions next time we meet up, Cynthia! Let's make that soon!


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