Sunday, May 11, 2008

Friday's Outing with Friends - Afternoon

As if we hadn't had enough eye candy in the morning, we paid a visit to Christine at The Primitive Heart in St George in the afternoon. Above is a view from inside the shop looking out the burlap covered window. Love how the outline of the star shows through. Hmm, I should have bought one of those stars to put in my window. So many possibilities.
Here's another view - above - inside the shop - we thought we'd died and gone to heaven. Quite a change from the morning with the elegant and mostly white linens, but we love it all! We're just not sure how to marry the two styles in our homes.

And then we went outside again and I had to take some photos the shopowner's home.
Maybe we can talk her into serving lemonade or wine on her back porch, we wanted so badly to take a seat in those comfy chairs.
This little twiggy fence surrounds Christine's side garden.
We had our fill of elegant and primitive all in one day and arrived home worn out but happy in the late afternoon.


THE SPICE CUPBOARD said... to have prim and cottage....I think it all goes rather well - it's your house afterall - do whatever makes your heart sing! A pretty doily on an olde prim bench does my heart well.

Malphi said...

Oh what an idealic cosy! Nice photos X


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