Monday, May 5, 2008

STuCk on BuTtoNs

Judy, from The Spice Cupboard, kindly informed me that these big-eyed buttons are probably
"underwear" buttons. I was able to find a picture of some in one of my button reference books and a couple were painted with the little faces like the one above that I have in my own collection. Sooo cute!
I had to have the little primitive clock (on the right) that Judy has on her blog - hope she doesn't mind that I had to have one for my blog too.
I went through a huge song and dance in the last couple of weeks about how I 'needed' a new camera and lens with a better macro feature because the camera I have (point and shoot) wasn't good enough. Some of the photos were coming out blurry when I used the macro setting. It turns out that I was probably not getting close enough or, in some cases, not keeping the camera steady enough with not enought light. The above picture was taken with my little Canon Powershot 570 and I'm happy with how close I was able to get - whew, I just saved about $400!

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Love the pictures of The Primitive UNIQUE! Would love to shop there. Your picture of the "underwear ghosties" are perfect...I went through a similar "camera" experience...I was the problem NOT the camera. Love your prim clock... I found it the same way you huh!! Judy


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