Thursday, December 10, 2009

Let's talk about storage ...

I know everyone is talking about Christmas and decorating and I'm out of sync but I have to talk about storage.

I keep bringing more vintage finds and craft supplies into my attic crafting space and it's a challenge to find space to store them partly because of the very low slanted walls. I can only fit 2-tiered book shelves and low cupboards along sides of the room.

But have a look at all of these storage boxes, cabinets and suitcases:

And guess what' inside them all?
NOTHING, they're empty! Because I'm afraid I'll forget what is inside them if I fill them up. Labels? That's sounds simple enough but I like to have things out in the open and easier to grab. I don't want to have to move piles of boxes or suitcases to get at my stuff.
... feel free to make suggestions if you think of a solution.

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