Monday, April 11, 2011

Another Vintage Clothing Show

Yesterday, i made my way to the Gadsden’s Vintage Clothing Show which was held in the Wychwood Barnes in Toronto, a new venue for the show. IMG_0687IMG_0688
The above two photographs were taken in Adeline of Whitby’s booth. I always enjoy her oh-so-feminine mix of clothing and lace items.IMG_0692
I can’t resist a show display especially when the shoes are displayed in a vintage suitcase.IMG_0696
These vibrant button bracelets are handmade by Joanna Syrokomla.
Her colour combinations and button assortments are just lovely.
The bracelets can be found through Ian Drummond of Ian Drummond Collection.IMG_0698 IMG_0699 IMG_0703
Part of the fun of the show, is people watching and admiring how gorgeous the vintage items look when worn.
IMG_0704 IMG_0706
From my perspective, the show was a success in the new location. It was my first visit to the Wychwood Barns and I hope to return soon for other shows.

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