Friday, April 8, 2011

Paper Bag Gift Bags

In the current issue of Somerset Life (at the top of my list of favourite magazines), I fell in love with the Paper Bag Gift Bags by Roben-Marie Smith.

I just had to make a couple. Instead of using them for gift bags, I made one a perfect size to hold my little Moleskin notebook and the other is big enough to hold class notes 8 1/2 by 11 inches.  I love them.  IMG_0662

Look at the mess I made in the process -

It’s pretty much tidied up now though – I want to do some rubber stamping next.

- Edited by LP -
I wasn’t happy with the smaller bag so I revamped it and added a button – now I love it!


Kat from California said...

Do you have pictures of your craft area?

LP Vintage said...

Hi Kat
I don't have current photos of my craft area but I participated in Where Bloggers Create last year and showed photos then:

I had it sort of organized a couple of weeks ago but now it's cluttery again!


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