Saturday, February 3, 2007

Show me your craft rooms ...

I have a new respect for all of you bloggers who take and upload those gorgeous pictures of your homes and creative projects! I'm showing some of mine here but am not that happy with how they look. Anyone with helpful picture taking tips, please share them with me.

I finally carved out a little crafting niche for myself in our very small basement family room and the first picture shows my sewing machine drawers full of assorted supplies. I love using old containers in new ways.

Here's a picture of my bulletin board. The things I love about this board are:
1. I got it free from my neighbour's trash.
2. It's an extra large size so I can load it up with lots of stuff.
Can you see the magazine clipping of that craft room? While that was my inspiration to get going on my own work area although the reality looks nothing like that one.

Just in case you're wondering why a good old Canadian has a U.S. flag pinned up, it's because I'm in love with the U.S. flag! I promise to put up a Canadian flag soon but I find ours a bit of a bore. But that doesn't mean I don't love my country!

Do you have pics of your craft areas/studios? Please
post a link, I would love to see them. I'll post more of mine as it progresses.

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Teena said...

I like your studio, very special to carve out a space of your own!


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