Sunday, February 25, 2007

This week ...

These Library Cards are such a cute idea! Make yours here. So we took Babycakes, Finney (short for officially Christened name, Finnigan), to the vet yesterday to be neutered and picked him up in the evening. We were prepared for a lethargic, sore and disoriented cat. Wrong! He came home, devoured some food without chewing, drank lots of water then wanted to play - and jump - and run - and fetch! He was making us tired! We were beginning to think the Vet had forgotten to perform the surgery. In the end (no pun intended!) we were relieved and happy that he was so perky and not holding any grudges.

I did take some photos of the snow on our back deck. Fresh, fluffy snow is just so pretty. And I had some fun playing with the picture in my photo editor.


Linda said...

im in love with this photograph!

LPVintage said...

Hi Linda - Glad you like the photo - thank you for taking the time to say so!


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