Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Big Mess! Help!

This is my basement 'craftroom/studio'. Well, it would be those things if I ever made anything! I just seem to accumulate the stuff and have intentions on simmer all the time but nothing much gets accomplished except more stuff piles up. So I went down to take stock of what needs to be done and got so discouraged because I don't know where to start and there doesn't seem to be enough room to sort things out so I started looking through magazines which is therapeutic - really it is.
I can usually get a grip on sorting and organizing but this time I'm flummoxed - I think that's the word I want, it isn't in my dictionary. Any ideas on how to sort and tidy (besides throwing the stuff out, that's not gonna happen :-)

1 comment:

Julie said...

Your "studio" looks like mine. The biggest problem I have is that my "studio" is really the dining room and the front door opens right up on it. I thought having people come into the house might prevent me from being a clutterbug but it hasn't helped.


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