Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I won, I won!!

I am thrilled to announce that I won the giveaway sponsored by The Paris Apartment. I've been reading Claudia's blog for a few months now and enjoy her style immensely. Here's a picture of the goodies I won. I'm thrilled and will be wearing a big smile today when I do my errands and grocery shopping.


Antique Paperie said...

Oh my goodness!! What a fabulous and wonderful giveaway you won - I would be thrilled!!! Is that a Vintage Key with a Tassel? Oooh la La - very nice dear!!! I am going to have to purchase "Where Women Create" as I have heard so much about it. I see it on your Sidebar - so I am off to get it!
Hugs, Sherri

Lisa PN said...

Nice to meet you at the Sunday Market today! And what a lovely blog! See you around soon, and congrats on winning! How exciting!

heidi said...

lucky you! i love her blog too. i've never seen the live eiffel tower badge before ~ very fun!
thanks for your comments on my blog - too bad for you that hubby doesn't like lavender, i find it so soothing. take care - xo

heidi said...

lucky you! i love her blog, and i've just discovered yours through the grapevine, so glad i did!
too bad your hubby doesn't love lavender, but who could blame him!
hey, love the live eiffel tower badge ~ very fun! take care - xo


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