Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My Fortune for 2008

I went to a friend's on New Year's Eve and she introduced her guests to a Polish custom of fortune-telling. On New Year's Eve, you melt a wax candle then take turns pouring some of the hot wax throught the hole of a door key into a bowl of cold water. When the melted wax hits the cold water, it forms a shape.

This picture shows the shape that was formed when I poured my wax. We all agreed this is a lovely dancing woman wearing a Marie Antoinette style dress - very elegant and graceful, isn't she? What does a dancer have to do with my life and what is that shape poking up from her dress - hmm, I don't know any dancers or go to ballets so what could this mean for me? I wasn't sure at first but on New Year's Day it came to me that it may mean that this year I am going to 'go with the flow' and all good things are going to flow to me. I like that. I hope that's a pile of money stashed under the dancing girl's dress ;)

Feel free to post a comment if you have an interpretation!

As for the other guests: one person created an embryo shape (!), another a goldfish, a third had a heart shape attached to a pair of lips. Each one made for interesting interpretations! This just might become an annual tradition for us and we'll all be looking for signs in each other's lives as the year progresses to see if the wax images were accurate or not.

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