Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Pretty Dragonfly


Look at this very pretty and very huge dragonfly (I think it’s a
dragonfly, someone please correct me if I’m wrong).


He was resting on my car window one day. I was really grateful he didn’t get inside the car and surprise me while I was


T's Daily Treasures said...

Hope is well. Love the button cuff -- when it comes to jewelry, I think more is better. So does my cousin Gwen. :)

I couldn't leave a comment on your latest post as the dragonfly post was covering the lower part of it for some reason. I like your new blog look. My aunt changed her's over and had some problems for a bit but got it worked out after a lot of playing around.
Best wishes, Tammy

LP Vintage said...

Hello Tammy, Thanks for coming by and for the heads up about the posts not displaying correctly!
They seem fine in Google Chrome and Firefox but in Internet Explorer, I had the overlapping problem until I gave permission for Macromedia to run (or a similar program), then the page straightened out.

Glad you like the new look overall! I will post a pic when I get the bracelet redone :)


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