Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Storm Clouds

One morning during our week away,
the forecast called for rain but we weren’t expecting such a dramatic storm front of clouds rolling toward us from over the lake. IMG_2712

In this next one, I like the silhouette of the lighthouse against the deep blues of the clouds.IMG_2718   When the storm had passed and all  was calm we walked to the small pond for a local music night and I snapped this shot of the pretty swan. I couldn’t resist playing with it in FotoSketcher using the Watercolor option.FotoSketcher - Swan

There are so many historical houses and cottages in the town of Southampton. I’ll share some photos with you in my next post.


Lynn Sinclair said...
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Lynn Sinclair said...

A friend of mine has a cottage on Georgian Bay, just across the way from Southampton, so we've visited the town a few times. It's a wonderful area.


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