Friday, April 10, 2009

Bonne Maman

A few nights ago, I was sorting through magazine clippings to add to my 3-ring-binder when I came across this article from the British Christmas issue of Country Living magazine. (No, don't panic, it is Easter and I'm just mentioning Christmas in passing - Happy Easter to all).
I was mesmerized by the photographs of the different ways readers had used the empty Bonne Maman jars for storage. Here are some of the clipping photographs.
I was wishing I was in England or France so I could enjoy some Bonne Maman preserves and start my own collection of cute jars. We went out for dinner the next day and browsed through the nearby supermarket on our way home. Quelle surprise! There was a display of Bonne Maman jams right before my eyes!
The Fig Jam jumped into my cart and came home with me. Tres delicieux! Now I need to go back and buy more flavours to get my collection going.


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