Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Family Week

Here's Rory, our son who is visiting from Vancouver this week. The house sure is different with his friends coming and going at all hours. We only have a few more days to enjoy his company. I'll post again next week after he leaves. Enjoy your week!

Whew, I'm just learning how to work with digital scrapbooking - sure wish I knew what I was doing - please bear with me on this learning curve - the pics are less than perfect.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Primitive Heart stole my heart

Yesterday, I spend a perfect day out with friends, antiquing and shopping. The highlight of our trip - besides our pub lunch :-) - was our visit to my favourite prim decorating store, in St George, Ontario. The owner describes the store as 'filled to the rafters with old 'n worn primitive good for your home and garden' and indeed it is full. And yesterday, the yard surrounding the store was stocked as well. What a feast for the eyes.

This garden angel was on duty at the door to the shop. Unfortunately for me, she had already been sold when we arrived and was waiting to be transported to her new home. I could have spent another hour just looking and sighing at the sights but we had to move on to fit in the other stores we wanted to see. I did find time to purchase a painted dough bowl which I plan to post in the future.

Friday, June 8, 2007

My Apron 'Fence'

This is the view from the deck at the back of our house. One side is bordered by a fence which runs all the way to the back of our property. The other side partly bordered by our garage but the first few feet in front of the garage is paved driveway. The garage is a double that we share with our neighbour and right now his garage door isn't working so he has the door propped open.

A less than inspiring view for sure - pavement and a gaping open garage door. I tried to talk dh into building a wood fence but my request fell on deaf ears :-) So, instead, I decided to string a rope across from the house to our garage and make a 'fence' of fabric, or at least, the illusion of a fence, a place for the eye to focus rather than the bleak reality.

And it works; I like seeing the aprons fluttering in the breeze. Not everybody 'gets it' of course; a friend wondered why we had so many aprons on our line and if I changed my apron every day *smile*.


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