Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Oh dear …

How is it possible that I have too much stuff here in my craft room?  IMG_1350 
Can you see my able assistant flaked out on the chair? if he wasn’t so cute, I’d give him the boot; I could pile a lot of stuff on that chair if it wasn’t occupied :)

I’m not seriously complaining; I do love my stashes and thrilled that I have my own space to let it all hang out. But I do want to tidy it up.

One more view of the chaos:IMG_1353 There is good news – I’m working on two different journals! Have a peek:IMG_1355 IMG_1354
One is a visual journal of random events in my life and the other is a Yoga journal from a chakra workshop I am in. They are both coming along nicely.

It’s time for my yoga class then back to face the mess! 

Monday, June 13, 2011

Chicago, Chicago

Remember that song? ..  I made my first trip to Chicago last weekend with 3 of my girlfriends.  We all loved the city!  We had heard so much about the views, architecture, great food, building styles, music and parks. Everything lived up to our expectations and there were no disappointments.

We flew with Porter Airlines which flies from Toronto Island. It’s a much smaller airport than Toronto’s main airport. Look at these cute uniforms worn by the airline personnel.

Love the hat and scarf.
Somehow we were the first ones to board the plane! Here we are all looking as pleased as punch!

Here are some of my favourite building shots:



Such a mix of eras and styles. But it all works somehow, I guess that’s good city planning.



We all loved Millenium Park – the theme colour in the nature garden was purple.IMG_1033 



The historic hotels on the Magnificient Mile had us oohing and aahing. Here is Ann perched on a seat in an elevator in one of the hotels!  Seeing a little couch in an elevator was a first for me. IMG_1223

We missed out on having afternoon tea at The Drake hotel because they were booked up but we’ve got it on our list for next time we visit Chicago.

The Tea Room featured a harp player seated beside a glorious spray of flowers – just beautiful.

Of course, I took hundreds of photos but will try to refrain from posting them all!


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