Monday, June 8, 2009

Why am I ironing my pajamas ??

Those who know me know that I heat up my iron about three times a year and it's usually to press a white blouse or a tablecloth that is going to be used for a holiday dinner. There was one exception; a couple of months ago, I found myself ironing a pile of vintage handkerchiefs on a snowy winter morning. No idea what struck me but I just had a crazy, er, I mean unusual, urge to iron. Hasn't happened before, or since.

But ironing my pajamas wasn't an urge, it was a decision I made because I know I won't be able to sleep in London, England if I'm wearing wrinkled pj's ! Right, we're off to London for 8 days, 7 night. Can't go across the pond carting wrinkled pj's, that's for sure.
We have a list a mile long of places we 'must see' and do. The list grows every day and every time I speak to anyone who has visited or lived there. The owner of my local bookstore just laughed when I told him we were going for a week. That's when I started to get stressed. But wait, holidays are supposed to be fun and relaxing... I'm going to have to consciously decide that I'll see and do as much as possible in our week AND we'll fit in time for a relaxing teas and a pint in a cozy neighbourhood pub. After all, we can go back another time, right?

Some of my "musts": V&A, Tate Gallery, Harrod's, Cath Kidston's, The Button Queen, Kensington Gardens, Portobello Market for the vintage things etc.

One day, we're taking a bus tour to Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and Bath. I know that day is going to be a whirlwind. Bath is our last stop and the place I am most looking forward to. Have to see the Jane Austen Center!

I just added a Marks and Spencer visit to my list this morning because Alison of Brocante Home mentioned it in her June 8th post. We used to have some 'Sparkies' (here, in Canada our nickname for them was "Marks and Sparks") but, sadly, they've all closed now.

Have you been and what was your fave thing about London? Do you have any "must see's" for me to add, especially where to find vintage items including ephemera?


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