Monday, June 21, 2010

Mosaic Monday - Studio Mosaic

I saw on Bailiwick Studio, this morning, a Studio
Mosaic done with extra photos from the bloggers party on Saturday.

It looked like a fun idea so I did a mosaic too, actually, I did the two that you see above!
You can see more mosaics by visiting Little Red House.

And for a tour of Bailiwick's Studio click here - just gorgeous!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Where Bloggers Create 2010

The party has begun!

My craft space is in our attic which has a dormer on the right side where you come up the stairs.

IMG_2575 IMG_2577

You’re greeted by this friendly one-armed sock monkey that I  found one day in my local thrift store. I didn’t even notice that she (yes, she’s a girl and her name is Penny) only had one arm when I rescued her from the store.  The hanging  is a project I had to abandon - when I rug hook, I get tendonitis.


When you get to the top of the steps, and turn to the left, you’ll see one of my bulletin boards – and yes, it is on the floor, partly to cover up the side of the little chest of drawers and partly because there’s no wall to hang it up on.

View looking to your left from the top of the stairs:IMG_2569

You can see that my biggest challenge in this space is the extreme slope of the ceiling. I can’t have any tall bookshelves or storage units.


And the view of my work table.Below are some close-ups of things on the table and views of button and fabric bits in jars.




I like to use glass so I can see what I have or else I forget
what I’ve got and I go buy more!


Here is kitty cat  my assistant,  wondering when I’m going to stop taking pictures and pay some attention to him.


He’s hoping I’ll come over and pat his tummy.
He never gives up.

Some books and magazines:



Below is the room looking from the right when you come up the stairs.


Below – my little Paris corner -





I hope you enjoyed your little tour of my space and my stashes of stuff!  I’ve had fun showing and telling! Thank  you for visiting!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

I have to whip this place into shape!

Here is the current state of my attic crafting space:


Next Saturday, My Desert Cottage is hosting Where Bloggers Create and I am committed to showing my space!


I know it’s a week away but I want to have photographs ready to load up so I don’t have the thought of them nagging at me all week.

Plus and I want to get some journaling and collage stuff done and that will mean making a mess of a different kind. I need to sort and scrap the fodder from my trip.


On Monday night I have my first yoga class (I can feel my joints creaking already). On Tuesday, I’m catching up with my journaling friends, Diane and Cynthia, and on Thursday I’m hosting the knitting group which means more tidying up on the first floor.  Hopefully, it will be  good weather and we can knit out on the deck until dark.

Now you know where I’ll be for the next few hours.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Return to Barcelona and Home

Some shots from our final night in Barcelona.


A pretty restaurant display where we had dinner.


IMG_2498 IMG_2497

Window shopping.



A final stroll through La Rambla then back to our


Day Trip to Banyuls sur Mer

Another daytrip from Collioure - a trip to Banyuls sur Mer where
we walked up and down the streets, toured one of the many
wineries and browsed some of the shops. Here is a collage of our day there.

Day Trip to Perpignan

We took a 4o minute train ride from Collioure to Perpignan to check out the sites there.
From high up in the Palais des Rois de Majorque, we got a good overview of the city with
the snow-covered mountain in the background.
We strolled through the shops in the downtown core and I snapped a few colourful shots before boarding our return train to Collioure.

Align Center

Collioure, France , the prettiest town

It was love at first sight with this town where we stayed for our second week.

It had everything – the Mediterranean, art galleries, cafes overlooking the beach, great shops, gelati ice cream in fresh flavours displayed in appetizing heaps, museums, an old church and chateau plus lovely buildings with shutters painted in rainbow hues.



IMG_1940  IMG_2182


IMG_2191 IMG_2201




Even the laundry was colourful and pretty.

IMG_2412 IMG_2409


Wouldn’t you love to rent this place? It was right in the town centre within a 5 minute walk of all the sights and shops.

More Barcelona

We got on one of the tourist buses and drove

through the city. It’s a great way to get an

overview of the area with commentary.

IMG_1365 IMG_1383

IMG_1388 IMG_1375

We hopped off at Parc Guell and toured through the park. IMG_1474

The mosaics were beautiful. Above is the famous salamander

and below is a small section of the long bench which surrounds

a huge area of the park.


Parc Guell also has a small house in the park which Gaudi lived in at one stage. The house has now been converted into a museum and contains interesting furniture also designed by Gaudi.

Here are some photos from the interior and exterior of the house.




From here, we went back downtown to Gaudi’s La Pedrera de Caixa Catalunya building which again housed another apartment. Some beautiful room displays and incredible examples of Art Nouveau style.


IMG_1518 IMG_1523

IMG_1545 IMG_1541  IMG_1543


I made the mistake of going up onto the roof of the building. I got totally disoriented with the undulating stairways and uneven walls.I stayed there long enough just to snap a couple of photos.



This was a long day and we covered a lot of ground !


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