Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Our Very Curious Cat ...

Here is our very active and curious cat at about 8 months. He is the most entertaining and nosey cat I've ever had the privilege of knowing. No sound, movement, person or thing escapes his scrutiny. The sound of a door or cupboard drawer opening brings him running - he wants to see what's inside. A dripping tap, a rewinding cassette tape, a toaster popping - he's as close as he can get and wants to see what makes the noise. He loves to be where the action is.

A visitor gets an inspection from head to toe - each button on a coat or sleeve gets looked at and sniffed, and even facial features, if the visitor will allow it. Some, who are not cat people, are not happy being so closely perused but it's hard to tell a cat he's being rude. To make it worse, he wants to be petted, admired and chooses to sit or lie as close as possible to the visitor. Definitely not a cat shy cat.

Aside from that, is he not a pretty cat? We love his soft tawny mushroom colour. Okay, enough cat talk; I'll stop here but please indulge me by looking at one more picture.


Samantha said...

He is gorgeous! How could anybody not want to be kissed by him?

LP Vintage said...

Ahhh, such a nice comment - thank you!


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